A Little About Me…

First of all, thank you for visiting this About Me page. It shows you’re a bit curious of who’s actually behind this website. My name is Myzel and I made this website because it was not long ago when I had an epiphany.

It occurred to me everyone around me in the United States (not to mention other countries) was operating like a robot, repeating the same things in their life over and over again… work, spend, work, spend etc. 

People are enslaved by their boring and complicated lives. All of that has disconnected them from true human roots of being nomadic, socializing IN PERSON, and being sustainable for ourselves.

I’ve been blessed with this insight at a rather young age, and it has lead me to take appropriate steps towards freeing myself from the GRIP modern society has put on me. I have no mortgage, no car loans, no credit cards, no student debt… but a LOT of knowledge I have learned over the years. On this website, I put forward what I know and in hopes it will help you.

– Myzel

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